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Falling Isn't Failing

The Five Keys to Overcoming a Fall and Achieving Success for Youth and Young Adults!

Falling Isn’t Failing! encourages youth and young adults to take control of their lives by embracing accountability and  understand that their actions and attitude affects every area of their life.

Youth and young adults today face more challenges than almost any other generation before. With these challenges, bad choices and mistakes happen. Learning how to overcome a fall and how to make better choices is critical to happiness and success.

Written and filled with inspirational quotes and anecdotes, Rob Roots shares his personal story and the lessons he learned as a result of getting in trouble with the law, getting left back in school, getting kicked out of school and going to jail.

Falling Isn’t Failing! motivates and inspires youth and young adults to continue to dream, set goals and believe that anything is possible.

 Falling Isn’t Failing can help every young person who has been in trouble, or who wants to avoid trouble, develop goals, and successfully reach them. It’s a must read for every parent who could benefit by understanding their own child’s perspective.

- Daryl Jones, Esq. Attorney, Former Florida State Senator

Inside Falling Isn’t Failing! Readers Learn How To:

  • How to develop Leadership Skills
  • Personal Accountability
  • How to Turn Experiences into Learning Lessons
  • The Relationship between Choices and Consequences
  • How to Set and Achieve Goals using our copyrighted Goal Achievement System (G.A.The Importance of Character
  • The five keys to overcoming a fall
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