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I believe achieving anything is possible, IF, you have the desire and the know how.

I cannot give anyone the desire but I can help them develop it by showing them what is possible, when you have a new attitude and a new perspective.

The know how is discovered when the desire to succeed surpasses the willingness to fail. I know this from personal experience.

By sharing my personal story, my audiences (most of which are my peers) connect and relate with the realities I present. I know their truths because I have lived it and in some cases still am living it. At 21 years old, I have already experienced the more harsh side of life from witnessing my parents divorce, to getting kicked out of school for a series of infractions and going to jail. But, I have also experienced the extreme joys of life including graduating a year early from high school with honors as well as being blessed to becoming an entrepreneur, author, speaker, entertainer and contributor to society.

In the process, I learned first hand the value of personal accountability, leadership and entrepreneurship. All of these experiences have taught me to be unstoppable. Being unstoppable happens when you give yourself permission to win. When I gave myself permission to win, my whole life changed. I hold myself responsible for my failures as well as my success. It is these personal life lessons, in addition to the dozens of books, seminars, training and personal coaching which I continually pursue, that enables me to connect with my audiences and not just tell them, but show them the path to making changes in their life.

All of my speaking and training includes the following life skills components:

  • The High Value of Character
  • Drug and Alcohol Resistance Skills
  • Anti-Bullying Messages
  • Peer Pressure Management
  • The Importance of Education

Rob Roots provides an excellent firsthand account of his struggle with issues that sometimes plague teenagers and young adults and the message is clearly communicated.

Margaret Bowden, RN, PhD, CEO MJL Healthcare Consulting

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